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Do you remember what if felt like to look at your home from the outside when it was completely spotless? Maybe you can recall that sweet little sense of satisfaction you got from each window being a crystal-clear portrait of its view, without a single smear or smudge. However good it may have felt, like all new things, that fresh sunny and fresh phase couldn't last forever.

Time passed, and the place became "lived in". Maybe you were meticulous about keeping it clean at first, but then you got comfortable. Did you get too comfortable? Maybe you did or maybe you didn't, but whatever the case may be, it happens to the best of us. We can't walk on eggshells to prevent our new things from getting dingy forever, and a building is no exception.

Somewhere down the line, it just gets harder to keep the house as a fresh-faced as it was when you first moved in. The responsibilities of your daily life keep you stop micromanaging every little speck and smudge you see, and in time, those little specks build up. Before you know it, the place has just gotten plain dirty and you've basically gotten used to it.

There is no reason that a little stubborn dirt should be a death sentence to your property's presentation. At Squeaky Clean we're committed to making sure that your home gets the kind of care that can bring it back to its former beauty. The following are just a few of the ways that we can make it so that your home (or commercial building) regains that sparkling clean luster that mad


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